BBC reports “Big risks for SMEs who ignore data security”

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According to the BBC report “Poor data security can literally ruin your business”. Furthermore the BBC states “Any business that takes customer details could be vulnerable”.

Only here you are always welcome, together with eye of horus online slot you have no equal! The UK’s Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) believes unchecked cybercrime is severely stunting the growth potential of its members. The risk of fraud and online crime, both real and perceived, is costing each UK small business up to £4,000 per year, the FSB says, while cybercrime as a whole costs the UK economy an estimated £27bn a year. About a third of FSB members have been victims of online crime over the last year, whether from virus infections, hacking attacks or other system security breaches.

As well as the financial loss and inconvenience, there is the potentially disastrous loss of customer trust.

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If you or any of your suppliers lose personal/sensitive customer information you may be fined or convicted for breach of the Data Protection Act.

Hackers are always one step ahead and are increasing their weapons to attack your business. The Heartbeat bug affects the whole Internet and simply makes it easier for them to compromise your organisation with potentially devastating consequences. You might not know you have been hit until it’s too late.

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Cybersecurity best practice

  • Firewall lock on main board, with a concept background
  • Implement antivirus, anti-spam, and firewall protections
  • Carry out regular security updates on all software and devices
  • Implement a resilient password policy (minimum eight characters, change regularly)
  • Secure your wireless network
  • Establish a clear security policy for email, internet and mobile devices
  • Train staff in good security practices and consider employee background checks
  • Implement and test back-up plans, information disposal and disaster recovery procedures
  • Carry out regular security risk assessments to identify important information and systems
  • “Stress test” websites regularly
  • Check provider credentials and contracts when using cloud services

Source: Federation of Small Businesses

How to protect your business from the ‘Heartbleed’ bug

HeartbleedA major new security threat called “The Heartbleed Bug” was discovered in April 2014 with serious implications for the entire Web and any business holding personal data. The bug can scan a server’s memory, where sensitive user data is stored, including private data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.

It now appears that the “Heartbleed” security problem affects not just websites, but also the networking equipment that connects homes and businesses to the Internet.

The bug puts millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information at risk. The extent of the damage caused by Heartbleed isn’t known. The threat has gone undetected for more than two years and it is difficult to tell how many attacks have taken place. One thing is for sure, this will increase your business risk until you do something about it.

But now that the threat is public, there’s a good chance hackers will try to exploit it before fixes are in place.

Some basic protection advice

The natural response might be to immediately change passwords, but we suggest waiting for confirmation of a fix because further activity on a vulnerable site could exacerbate the problem.

Once you’ve got confirmation of a security patch from your IT provider, change passwords of sensitive accounts like banks and email first. Even if you’ve implemented two-factor authentication — which, in addition to a password asks for another piece of identifying information, like a code that has been sent to you by text — changing that password is recommended.

Review key suppliers to your business that have access to any personal or sensitive data to make sure they are secure. While the high-profile companies like the major UK Banks and HMRC certainly know about the problem, small businesses might not even be aware of it. Be proactive about making sure your information is safe and that you are compliant with the Data Protection Act. Breaches of the Act can result in fines and/or damage to you business’ reputation.

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