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What we do:

Only here you are always welcome, together with eye of horus online slot you have no equal! Is your business compliant with the Data Protection Act ? If not, you could be in for a shock and face large fines. Why not take our online DPA compliance check ? It only takes 3 minutes to find out your risk profile and check out how Metanoia can help your business to protect personal and/or sensitive Information. Learn More
Running any type of business in these hard times can be a challenge. Metanoia has a suite of services that can help you improve your profits, cut your costs and grow your business. Our no-nonsense systematic approach provides quick wins and long term gains. We offer a free audit and only charge on success… Learn More
No matter how good a business appears – sometimes it’s good to think outside the box, maybe take a step back and let someone else take a look.  It could be that you have out-of-date processes which are costing you too much money? Or perhaps you need to outsource one or more of your back office functions?  Learn More

How We Help Our Clients

180 data cube

Our Management team is comprised of Senior Executives from Blue Chip companies. Our network of experts have years of experience in managing data and improving processes. We understand the Digital Networked Economy‘ and the commercial implications of the Internet, including the Data Protection Act, Telecom Tariffing Plans, Cloud Computing etc.


Without any up-front fees, Metanoia can offer you an impressive, viable and consistent competitive edge. The area of cost reduction is often overlooked. Your energy and resources should go into growing your business. Making cost savings can provide you with a more viable business which will continue to grow. These hidden savings could be considerable. Why not try our free audit?


Let’s face it, no one wants to be told what they already know and pay for it. Metanoia knows that, we had that pushed upon us in corporate life.  We decided to disrupt the Consulting Sector by offering good advice at the right cost.We know how to fix things, improve processes, gain market share save costs. So our pledge to you if we don’t fix it you don’t pay.


We built Metanoia to service the millions of small to medium,sized companies. We have all learned the hard way that big corporates have the money and time to slack off. Whereas the  businesses of our size don’t have the buying power, cash on hand or resources to screw up. Our day-to-day decisions are critical, and saving money means more profit.  

  • We won’t waste your time with unrealistic proposals.
  • If we don’t perform we won’t charge you.
  • We will not disrupt your normal business
  • We will provide results in the least possible time
  • In short no “bull”

Why You Should take 5 minutes to Contact us

Clients ask us What does Metanoia actually mean ? Metanoia means Transformation,A new way of thinking’ and that’s what we had in mind when we established Metanoia in 2009. The Internet has moved the goal posts and levelled the playing field. It’s made the customer king. Now the customer can find out how much a service or product costs and buy it wherever the supplier is. That means choice has moved to other criteria. We help our customers focus on getting best value and to attract higher margin clients.
We help companies grow and make more profit at less cost. Our key value, after 40 years of ICT and eMarketing experience, is in selecting the key partners that can deliver leading edge services that will enhance your Business portfolio. We have de-risked the process by screening our Partners for quality, value for money and performance to enable you to grow your business without any major investment. Benefits include:
  • Our expert Partners offer the best value in their field
  • Metanoia has secured the best terms and simplified the process
  • Metanoia helps you to acquire new Clients and revenue generators
Metanoia helps your business transform and become more profitable. We help Businesses to reduce risks and costs. In addition we help them build exciting new propositions to attract new clients and keep your existing ones happy:
  • Reduce your Business overheads
  • Compliance with The Data Protection Act
  • Exploit the latest Internet technologies to win new Clients

What Our Clients Say:

“I have won new business by proving to my customers that I respect their sensitive data. I asked Metanoia to help me become compliant with the Data Protection Act, it was painless and fast and it was really a good investment. Metanoia also helped me move online, reduce my back office costs and I have achieved better margins and lower costs. Who could grumble at that.. ?”
“We deliver services to some of the UK’s largest PLCs. They need to know that we, as part of their supply chain, process their sensitive data professionally and that we are compliant with the Data Protection Act. Metanoia has helped us to make sure that the Information Commissioner does not come knocking at our door. Their process was easy, low impact to our business and extremely fast. Within a few weeks Like Minds had completed the necessary steps for compliance and the final bill paid for itself when we glided through our renewals. In fact we have new customers as an added bonus. “
Nick Throp, Like Minds